The Rouge-et-Bleu take the derby

The Paris Saint-Germain women's team claimed a 3-0 win in Sunday's derby at Paris FC.

Their coach, Olivier Echouafni, had called on his players to end 2019 on a high in order to go into 2020 in the best possible way. They clearly listened.

Marie Antoinette Katoto got them on the right track by flicking in Diani's cross (0-1, 25'). It was a deserved lead, and was reinforced just after the break by Khélifi (0-2, 46'), before Ashley Lawrence, freshly crowned Canada's Women's Player of the Year, added a third (0-3, 74').

The team will return to action on 18 January when they play host to Olympique de Marseille for the Classique. Roll on 2020!

D1 Arkema - Week 12
Stade Charlety (Paris)
Goals: Katoto (25'), Khelifi (46'), Lawrence (74').
PARIS FC: Honneger, Butel, Muller, Soyer, Savin, Vaysse, Benoit, Thiney (c), Catala, Matéo, Bourdieu. Coach: Sandrine Soubeyrand.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN: Endler (Kiedrzynek, 46'), Paredes (c), Dudek (Cook, 29'), Perisset, Morroni, Geyoro, Formiga, Khelifi, Diani, Lawrence, Katoto. Coach: Olivier Echouafni.