Tabitha Chawinga: 'I hope that lots of supporters will come'

Paris Saint-Germain forward Tabitha Chawinga spoke about the club from the capital's upcoming match against Paris FC, in the semi-final of D1 Arkema on Saturday 11 May at 21:00 at the Parc des Princes. Extracts.

Tabitha, HOW do you see this next match against Paris FC? 

"It will be a very interesting match, we need the supporters for this game at the Parc. I think both teams will put on a good match. This encounter can allow us to qualify for the final, so I hope that lots of people will come to support us."

Do you think that it's important to play at the Parc des Princes, in front of the club's supporters?

"Yes, it will help the team, all the Paris Saint-Germain players. We need their support to give us a lot of motivation and to enable us to put in a great performance."


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