Sakina Karchaoui: "We can't give up"

Paris Saint Germain’s players and coach spoke to PSG TV after Les Rouge et Bleu’s 1-0 defeat to VfL Wolfsburg.

GÉrard Prêcheur

"Of course, we're always disappointed to lose, especially in these circumstances. I had two aims before this game, the first of which was to go through. We've still got a chance in the second leg, and although it'll be difficult, I think that we've shown that we're capable of pulling it off. The second thing that I'd asked of the girls was to win this game either literally or figuratively. If we couldn't win it on the scoreboard, then we needed to win it mentally and tactically, and that's exactly what they did.

"For me, we won tonight from a mental, tactical and technical perspective. The girls put in a big performance that I've rarely seen a team put in before, so there is some satisfaction. Anything is possible, but we'll need to deal with the energy expended by the players who played the last half-hour with ten women. That's something that could hurt us in the next few games."

Jackie groenen

"I think this is a huge disappointment for us. We played well for the first half-hour, but then we struggled a bit more. That said, we managed to control the play, and I think we had a good game overall. It was obviously harder when we went down to ten women so early in the game, but anything is possible in the second leg. I think that we showed tonight that it was still possible, and we want to turn things around next week."

sakina karchaoui

"It's a huge disappointment. I'm really proud of the team, and I'd like to congratulate everyone. We put in a big performance, and that's what the coach was expecting. That said, we're really disappointed with the scoreline. I think that we can still make it through to the semi-finals. There's still the second leg, and we can't give up."

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