Sakina Karchaoui: ‘PSG is my family'

The French international, who has extended her contract with Paris Saint-Germain, talks about her delight at continuing her adventure with the capital club.

Sakina, you've just extended your contract with Paris Saint-Germain. How do you feel about it?

‘It's incredible to be extending my adventure with Paris Saint-Germain, it's a club that I love enormously, and I'm very happy to be continuing here. The decision to stay here was an obvious one, because PSG is my family.'

You are now one of the role models in the dressing room. What does this responsibility mean at PSG?

‘Being a role model at PSG means having experience, and there are several of us in that position. We have to bring calmness to the group, and we're also there to talk to everyone, it's important to have that balance in the dressing room.'

How do you see your progress?

‘In three years, we can only get better, and we're progressing in all areas. Mentally, physically and tactically. I also have international experience, so I can bring that to the dressing room. That matters if you want to win trophies.'

Has the club changed since you arrived in 2021?

‘Yes, the club has had an incredible evolution, firstly in terms of the team, but also in terms of infrastructure. We're now at the Campus PSG, which is incredibly beautiful, ultra-modern and brings everyone together! As a family person, I love it! There are the pros, the youngsters, all the sections of the club, and it's a bit of a sign of the confidence the club has in us.'

What can we wish for you in the near future?

‘Simply the best, but above all trophies.’

In fact, there's a trophy at stake on Saturday, the final of the Coupe de France against Fleury. How is the squad feeling?

‘We start every match with the same determination, to win it. Whatever the competition, we want to win. We're favourites going into the final, but we can't fall into that trap either. We have to go into it with our strengths, with our weapons, and do everything we can to win the Coupe de France.'