Ramona Bachmann: 'Still lots of games left to play'

Discover Les Parisiennes' reactions after Paris Saint-Germain's 0-1 defeat against Chelsea on Matchday 1 of the UEFA Women's Champions League group stage.

Ramona Bachmann

"It was a difficult match, we knew that it would be difficult. They are one of the best teams in Europe. I think we controlled the match well, it was a bit tough to begin with but after fifteen minutes, we controlled the match well. Maybe, we didn't create enough chances, although there were a few more in the second half. In the end, they won the match thanks to a goal from a set-piece, and they didn't have many chances from open play. We knew that it was one of their strengths. Well done to them. There are still 5 matches to go, everything is still to play for. Nothing is lost, we dropped three points today, but there are still lots of games to play and I am confident that we will qualify."

Gerard Prêcheur 

"There is always frustration when losing to a goal from a set-piece, which is something that we worked on. We knew that they would be strong in the air, they showed that again this evening. They are stronger that us in that area, and the punishment for that is severe. There are still lots of matches to play, we haven't started in the best possible way, but there are lots of positive lessons to take from this match."

Kadidiatou Diani 

"It was a tough match, and it's understandable that there is disappointment, because we lost. But we lost because of small details, it's not over, there are still five matches to play and we can still catch up. Everything is still to play for, this was only the first match, it's down to us to bounce back in the coming matches."