Oriane Jean-François: 'Help the team to be as competitive as possible'

Paris Saint-Germain's new midfielder gave her first interview to the club's media, talking about her arrival and her ambitions.

Oriane, welcome to Paris Saint-Germain. how are you feeling about signing for the Rouge et Bleu?

"It is obviously a great pride for me and my family. There are many Paris Saint-Germain fans in my family, they are very happy that I am joining this great institution. It's a new milestone in my career, a big step, and I can't wait to start working to help the team be as competitive as possible."

What kind of player are you, and what can you bring to the team?

"I've done a lot of combat sports too. I think it's something that's in my personality, it's one of the things I can bring to the team, I'm not afraid of duels, I like to be everywhere on the field, and do this job of winning balls back, and try to compensate for the little gaps that there may be. I can really contribute to the team with my determination and my willingness to improve."

What are your goals for the squad and for you as an individual?

"As a team, I want to win the treble, plain and simple. I want to win the three titles, and on an individual level, I want to get back into the French team and hopefully take part in the World Cup and the Olympic Games in Paris."

Do you have a message for the fans?

"I will always give my best, I will always be 200% committed to the club because it is a club that deserves respect, hard work and success."