Oliwia Szperkowska: 'Paris is one of the best clubs in the world'

Paris Saint-Germain's latest recruit looks back on her arrival at the club for PSG TV.

Oliwia, congratulations on signing for Paris Saint-Germain! Tell us why you have decided to join the club? 

"Paris is one of the best clubs in the world, they have always been at the top and when I found out that they were interested, I had no doubts."

You are preparing to discover a new country, new football, away from Poland. How are you feeling? Do you feel ready for the challenge? 

"I am enthusiastic. It's a big change, but you have to leave your comfort zone to learn new things, to move to the next level and to discover a new country. You just have to want to enter that world."

Do you know any players in the squad?

"Aside from the Polish members of the squad (Katarzyna Kiedrzynek and Paulina Dudek) that I know well of course, I know nearly all of my teammates by name. They are players that play for very good national sides. I have seen them in the Champions League, in the World Cup and the European Championships. Lieke Martens van Leer, Ramona Bachmann and many others."

To conclude, what can we wish you for your time in Paris? What will be your objectives?

"To be in good health, to work hard, to improve and to give back to the team."

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