Olivier Echouafni: 'A defeat that's very hard to take'

Hear what the Paris Saint-Germain women's team had to say after their 5-0 loss to Lyon in Saturday's top-of-the-table encounter at the Groupama Stadium.

Olivier Echouafni (Paris Saint-Germain coach)
"I didn't recognise my team tonight. Lyon played to their level and I think we suffered a little stage fright due to the event. It is only our first defeat of the season, but it is very harsh, very tough to accept, because we thought we could do something else. We didn't imagine coming to Lyon and conceding five. It was a bit of a nightmare evening. The girls will have to analyse all that and move forward, because that's life at the top level. We have to bounce back. We know it's not easy, because we came here with a lot of ambition and the desire to do something really good. We were punished by a very good Lyon team this evening."

Irene Paredes (Paris Saint-Germain defender) 
"It's a really tough result, because we didn't play to our best. We conceded very quickly and there was then that penalty that we didn't get. That could have changed the game if we had had the chance to come back to 1-1. We now have to think about this evening, keep working and hope we'll bounce back very quickly. It's our only loss in the top flight, but it was also the most important game, which was going to determine the league champion. We have two games left, we now have to finish the season well."