Marie-Antoinette Katoto: 'It's not sunk in'

Before this weekend's Coupe de France quarter-final at Montpellier, Paris Saint-Germain's women's team's all-time leading scorer told PSG TV about her new record and status.



Marie, you have just written a new chapter in the club's history by becoming the team's all-time leading scorer...

"It still hasn't sunk in properly! We're in the middle of the season, there are still a lot of objectives to achieve...I haven't got the time to think about it. It's huge, especially as Marie-Laure Delis is one of this club's best-ever strikers. She scored a huge amount of important goals. When I came here, she was here too. I have moved forward, I have always tried to score and do my best. She's a player I admired a lot because we play in the same position. Marie-Laure was number one for a long time, and I'm very proud to be ahead of her now. It's not sunk in yet."

You seem unstoppable. What are your limits?

"I don't set myself a lot of limits in life, nor objectives. I always go as far as possible. I'm very demanding with myself. I'm always able to challenge myself whether I do things badly or well."



Before starting the game against Guingamp, were you aware you could beat the record?

"The coach came to tell me on the morning of the game that if I scored, I'd go down in the history books. During the game, I didn't think about it a lot, because when I think too much, I don't score. I'm not very talkative, I know what I have to do, and that's how it was on that day. My new status is going to help me develop my leadership on the pitch."

Can you tell us about those goals that you remember most fondly?

"Well, there's my first goal with Paris. It was at the Stade Charlety, a header against Rodez. There's also my favourite goal, at the Parc des Princes against Lyon in the league. I did well in a one-on-one. I also liked my goal against Saint-Etienne this year a lot, it was a nice finish."