Lieke Martens: 'This team has incredible potential'

Paris Saint-Germain's new striker Lieke Martens talks to PSG TV about her new adventure in the rouge et bleu.

Lieke, welcome to Paris Saint-Germain!

"Thank you! I am very happy, I am so proud to be able to join this incredible club for three seasons. I'm very excited to start."

What motivated you to choose Paris?

"I have always followed and loved this club. It's a team that has performed well in recent years, as you can see from its results on the national and European stage. Paris Saint-Germain can achieve great things."

What can you bring to the team?

"I have a lot of experience, and I hope that is something I can bring. I'm an attacking player, who likes to create, I want to be able to help the team on and off the field. I want to be helpful to my teammates!"

What is your opinion on the group?

"There are some great players, with exceptional qualities. This team has incredible potential to do great things. It's obvious when you see them play that this team has something extra, and I really hope I can contribute to this already very talented team."