Jocelyn PrĂȘcheur: 'Lots of positives'

Paris Saint-Germain coach Jocelyn Prêcheur and Marie-Antoinette Katoto spoke to PSG TV following Les Rouge et Bleu's fine 3-0 victory over BK Häcken in the UEFA Women's Champions League quarter-final return leg to seal qualification.


"I think we played a well-controlled match, a comp[lete match in attacking terms, with a very good second half in particular, on top of a strong. We looked to put a few things right at half-time, but overall the result is extremely positive. 3-0 feels great. It's the first time we haven't conceded a goal in the Champions League. We really wanted to achieve that. It feels good, it's a reward for our defensive work. We're not picking up any cards and there are no injuries. Compared to last week's scenario, there are lots of positives and sources of satisfaction as we prepare for what's to come.

When you get to this stage of the competition, in the final four, you're inevitably playing one of the best teams in Europe and therefore in the world. So it's bound to be a very complicated match, whether it's Lyon, Chelsea or Barcelona. In any case, it was always going to against very high-level opposition. Now we have to go out there and keep up the momentum. We're growing a lot. I don't think we're anything like the team we were in September. So we have to keep going in that direction. And once again, we'll prepare well for these matches. I'm happy to be playing Lyon because it means we'll be playing them again at the Parc. The last time we played them here, we lost. So I hope this will be an opportunity to put things right and get a bit of revenge on them. And why not topple them in this semi-final?"


"It was a great match, a great performance from the team, and tonight we're very happy with the win and the qualification. The score could have been higher, but 3-0 is still pretty good. I think this clean sheet is also very important in the Champions League because we've conceded a lot of goals so far. It's a perfect evening.