Jennifer Echegini: "I'm grateful to be part of a club like this"

Paris Saint-Germain's new striker spoke to PSG TV about her arrival at the capital club and the new challenge that awaits her. Here are some extracts from the interview.

Jennifer, welcome to Paris. How do you feel now that you're a Paris Saint-Germain player?

"I'm very excited and grateful to be part of such an amazing club. I felt a special atmosphere and community, so I'm really looking forward to getting started."

What does joining Paris Saint-Germain mean to you?

"It's something I've always wanted in my career. I want to be part of a club with a great history. I want to win trophies and matches. I want a big challenge, and to be surrounded by people who will push me, both on and off the pitch, as a footballer and as a person. I'm very excited."

If you had to describe yourself as a player, what would you say?

"I think I'm pretty intelligent on the pitch, I seem to read the game well. And I have my own solution for every situation.

You're about to discover a new country and a new league. How does that inspire you?

"I think the French league is one of the best in the world, with some great teams. I'm very excited to be in a new country, it's my fifth in 23 years. You could say I love exploring new things and new places, so I'm very open to the idea of learning new things and meeting new people to take on this new challenge."

What image do you have of the Paris Saint-Germain team so far?

"Watching the matches, I had the impression, particularly in the Champions League, that the team often managed to come back from behind even when it was difficult. I'm thinking in particular of the match at Bayern Munich. So I have the impression that this team shows a lot of resilience, and that's something I really admire. To see a team fighting for 90 minutes is really pleasing to watch from the outside. So to be able to be part of that team that wants to fight and wants to win is exciting."

And what do you think you can bring to the team?

"I think I can bring creativity and also goals. I'm a fun team-mate, a pleasant person to be around. I'd say I'm a very calm and relaxed person."

At the end of August, there will be a tour of Australia. How important are these pre-season tours for a team?

"I think it's a very important moment. Between two seasons, there are people leaving and others arriving. You have to rebuild that chemistry, even if some people are still at the club. It's a bit like a new team and a fresh start. It's important to get the season off to a good start. And I think that these pre-season matches are the ideal time to make and understand the mistakes that we don't want to make later on, and determine how we want to approach the season."

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