Gérard Prêcheur: 'We're going into this final very calmly'

The Paris Saint-Germain women's team coach and midfielder Grace Geyoro spoke at a press conference ahead of the Coupe de France final in Orléans this Saturday 13 May at 16:00 against Olympique Lyonnais.

Gérard Prêcheur: "We're going into this final very calmly"

the end of the season 

"We're going into this final very calmly. To arrive in May and still be involved in two competitions with a Coupe de France final and a championship "final" is already good. We can still take first place against Lyon in a fortnight time and go and play for the title in Soyaux. If someone had told me that at the beginning of the year, I would have signed straight away.

the lack of efficiency

"Our inability to put our chances away can also be explained by absences. We lost Marie-Antoinette Katoto, who is one of the best strikers on the planet, for the whole season, and Kadi Diani was also injured. We are still working hard in training, which allows us to be relaxed. I hope that the work done and the good attitudes will be reflected on the pitch in the final."

the absentees

"Marie-Antoinette has started her rehabilitation phase, she is back to running and touching the ball again. I was hoping that Kadi would be on the bench for the two games against Lyon, unfortunately her season is over."

Grace Geyoro : "We're going to give 100%"

the final

"We worked all season and today we are in the Coupe de France final. It's a very positive thing. We managed to win it last year, so obviously we want to keep our title, so we'll give it our all on Saturday to try and win this trophy."

the goals

"At the beginning of the season, we set ourselves the goal of winning as many trophies as possible. After this elimination in the Champions League, we still have the Coupe de France and the championship. We have the opportunity to win a title on Saturday. We will give 100%."

the two games against lyon

"Tomorrow's game will obviously have an impact on next week's league game, but they are two different competitions. As the coach told us, we have to focus on Saturday's game first and not think about what comes after."