Echouafni: 'Impose our rhythm and intensity'

Two days before the Week 17 Women's D1 match against Fleury, Paris Saint-Germain coach Olivier Echouafni fielded questions at the pre-match press conference:

Coach, how is the squad feeling after the Coupe de France exit?
"We are always disappointed when we lose. We're competitors. But honestly, that loss to Lyon will do us a lot of good. Something has changed within the squad since that game. Lyon played very well, but we could have qualified. That's the magic of the Cup. That match is gone now, but it will continue to have a positive effect."

A word about the fans that were at the station when you returned...
"Incredible! Our fans sent a strong message to the squad: despite the loss, they are still behind us! That feels great and gives the team extra motivation to know that we have exceptional fans. We missed them in Lyon - we can feel it when they are not there."

What type of match do you expect against Fleury on Sunday?
"Like every match against a defensive opponent that tries to hit us on the counterattack. It's up to us to maintain the same intensity we have shown in our recent games. Against Lyon, despite the defeat, we were competitive and now we have to left again against Fleury. It's a derby and we need to get a result."

What will your instructions be for the girls?
"The hardest thing to do in a football match is to win it. To do that, you have to impose your rhythm and intensity and take the chances that come your way. On Sunday, we have to work for each other and if we have the chance to make the same start we did against Montpellier that can make things easier."