Ashley Lawrence: ‘We keep our heads up’

Gérard Prêcheur and his players spoke to PSG TV after Paris Saint-Germain’s draw with Real Madrid on Wednesday on Matchday 2 of the UEFA Women's Champions League Group Stage (0-0).

Gérard Prêcheur

It’s what I predicted: there were two great teams, who were looking to use their technique and squad. I think we put in a good first hour because in the first half, I am convinced that we had the better of the encounter. Even though Real attacked on the counter, they weren’t very dangerous in the first half. For us, I think we were. We were in the ascendency and we created chances. The start was good. I expected a reaction from Real. I think that all of the effort put in during the first hour paid off. I saw our full-backs pressing high for an hour. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take advantage of them and when we dropped off slightly, Real were able to show their technique. And thankfully, the other positive, is that we defended well at that moment. We had a few chances on the counter. This 0-0 allows us to maintain a certain level of control on the competition. We still have our destiny in our own hands. 


We knew it, they like to have the ball like us. We knew that against this team, we needed to put away even the smallest opportunity, because they defend well and when they have the ball, they don’t lose it, they are very good technically. But I think that we still put in a good performance. It’s certain that the goal was missing but we will continue to work. Nothing is over, that’s what is good about the Champions League. All of the matches will be important, and it will be down to us to approach all of the encounters that we are going to play in the right way.

ashley lawrence

We weren’t missing much. We created chances, we controlled it. It was a good Real side. But it wasn’t our day. We got shots off, we crossed into the box. But it ended in a draw. We wanted to win We can be a little disappointed… I think we played a good match. We didn’t concede. We will work even more because it’s far from over, there are still matches to be played and we will focus on that. From the get go, qualification was our objective and we will continue. The players gave their all, we saw exceptional performances across the pitch. It’s a shame we didn’t score but we need to continue in this way. We have another match in a couple of days. We keep our heads up, because it was a good performance. We were just missing the goal. We will continue.