Anaïs Ebayilin: "I've dreamt of it so many times..."

The Paris Saint-Germain midfielder has signed her first professional contract with the capital club. She talks to the club's media about her delight at turning professional with Paris Saint-Germain.

Anaïs, you're signing your first professional contract today. We imagine this is a big moment for you?

"I've got stars in my eyes, it's a dream come true. I've dreamt about it so many times, and now Paris Saint-Germain are giving me the opportunity to become a professional."

How important has your family been to your progress?

"I'm very well looked after. My family have been very supportive, keeping me focused on the right goals. They've given me the strength to progress and keep working. It's a first step that I've taken with them, and I'm very happy."

What differences have you noticed when compared with the youth teams?

"I've already trained with the pro group. It's a different kind of expectation. We have to set ourselves higher goals, and win. There's a lot more rigour than in the youth teams, and it's a really big step to take. We're entering the professional world. The hardest part starts now. I have to keep fighting, that's my objective."

What are your goals now that you've turned pro?

"I'm playing alongside some great players, and I can only learn more and more from them. And I intend to make my mark in the future, give my all and show the coach that I'm a true Parisian. I intend to do everything I can to bring trophies and as many wins as possible back to Paris Saint-Germain."

So, what does it mean to be a Parisian?

"It means having a strong character, a hunger for victory, and always wanting to win. It means never giving up and fighting every minute of the way."