The nicknames come out

On Wednesday evening, in their Lidl StarLigue Round 13 clash with Dunkerque at the Stade Pierre de Coubertin, Les Rouge et Bleu will wear special jerseys with their nicknames on the back. Here's what their choices signify.

Vincent Gérard: "LVII (in Roman numerals) is a reference to my original department, Moselle, of which I have been very proud since I was a child. It was a way to make a collector's jersey, with a collector's number."

Luka Karabatic: "The choice was made on its own, I didn't have to think. That's what they've called me since I was a kid. My family and friends all end up calling me that. I never had another nickname, so it was natural to choose Loulou."

Kim Ekdahl du Rietz: "BH. These are the initials of my best friend, when I was a child. It was to pay tribute to him that I made this choice. He was close to my heart and it brings back memories."

Viran Morros: "DeArgila is my mother's last name. It allows me to give her a nice wink. I think it will make her happy."

Dylan Nahi: "My nickname since I was a child is Dydy. It seemed logical to me to choose that for this occasion."

Édouard Kempf: "Everyone in the team calls me Edu. It's a nickname I like. Outside handball, they also call me Edes, but I wanted to wink at my teammates."

Gudjon Sigurdsson: "This is my Icelandic nickname but it disappeared when I went to play in Germany, because my teammates from other countries were unable to pronounce Gaui."

Kamil Syprzak: "Sypa is a diminutive from my family name. People have called me that since childhood. I thought it would be nice to have a jersey with that name printed on the back."

Nikola Karabatic: "By choosing Zivic, I wanted to pay tribute to my mother and family in Serbia. I think it will be a nice surprise for her. At birth, you keep your father's name but you end up with two names, so it's also a reference to women in general."

Benoît Kounkoud: "Beni is one of my nicknames. They call me either Benoît, Ben, Benito or Benileven, but Beni is probably the one I get the most."

Nedim Remili: "Why Ned? Simply because my name is Nedim and that's my only nickname. That's what the people closest to me call me: my father, my mother, my friends... I like it when people call me that. It is short, simple and efficient."

Henrik Toft Hansen: "I chose Toffie because it was the name I was given when I was younger, at school. It's pretty close to my last name and it came to mind right away when I thought about it."

Adama Keita: "Apart from my relatives, not many people know it, but Jaya is my first name. That's what my relatives call me, not Adama."

Luc Abalo: "Kanny is my middle name. That's my Togolese name. I chose it because when I was younger, my friends and I had a group of artists and that was my nickname. Growing up, when I discovered Kanye West, I found it funny that we had this similarity. But I think for him, it's his artist name, while for me, it says so on my ID card [laughs]."

Sander Sagosen: "Only my family and best friend in Norway call me Sander. But here, everyone uses the nickname Sagi."

Mikkel Hansen: "There are people who sometimes have trouble pronouncing 'Mikkel' and say 'Mikael', so I prefer to be called Mikki, it's easier."

Rodrigo Corrales: "Cangas City allows me to pay tribute to my hometown of Cangas, in Galicia. I added City to give the impression that it's a big city when it's not really the case [laughs]. And it's also my nickname in the NFL Fantasy League, which we play among players on the team."

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