Paris Saint-Germain Handball's pre-season plans

Almost a month to the day after the last game of the season, it's already time for pre-season to begin - check out how Les Rouge et Bleu will go about getting ready for the season to come.

On July 25, the senior squad will meet at Coubertin for a first get-together and two training sessions. Most of the time, the players' days will be punctuated by two training sessions, morning and evening, to gradually get back into the rhythm and prepare themselves as best they can for the first friendly matches.

On 14 August, Les Rouge et Bleu will head to Kiel, where they will play a first friendly against the Zebras. They will then continue their journey in Northern Europe and face Aarhus in Denmark on 16 August and Holstebro on Sunday 18 August, before returning to Paris.

Two last friendly matches will be played in Aix on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 August against Nîmes and PAUC respectively.

This month of preparations will end with the Trophée des Champions, when they will face Montpellier in Limoges. Unlike in former seasons, the competition is now played in a single match, not in a Final4 format.

With yesterday's release of the official Lidl StarLigue calendar, we now know that the Parisians will start their season in Istres on 4 or 5 September before welcoming Nantes to Coubertin for a first championship match the following week. Check out the full Lidl StarLigue calendar.