Nedim Remili : « On ne sous estime personne »

Ahead of Wednesday night's Lidl StarLigue Round 8 clash with Aix-en-Provence, Nedim Remili gave us his thoughts on les Rouge et Bleus' upcoming opponents and the ever-increasing quality of Lidl StarLigue. The Paris Saint-Germain Handball right-back also delved into his role in the team. What type of match are you expecting against Aix on Wednesday night?
Nedim Remili: We'll be up against a ide who have posed us problems in the past, so we won't be taking it lightly, even though our win over Szeged [33-31] cost us a lot in terms of energy. But we have to be ready for this match. We need to keep rolling."

Aix have also troubled Montpellier and Chambéry…
Yes, and we know that against us, they will be looking to score an upset. We know their qualities and we mustn't underestimate them. But since the beginning of the season, we have played a lot of matches without ever feeling superior. We have always been focused. We need to just keep on working hard and improving how we play together.

The Lidl StarLigue seems to be getting strong and stronger…
Our league is constantly improving. Each season there is a team that adds itself to the list of 'big' clubs. Every away match is tough, we saw that Montpellier travelled to Pontault-Combault or when Nantes played Cesson-Rennes. These so-called weaker teams are doing some amazing work. That's another reason why it's such a pleasure to play for Paris - every time we play, it's against a competitive team. It's great for French handball.


Against Szeged, you began a two-month marathon of matches every three days. How are you feeling?
I feel great! There are always a few niggling injuries that affect the squad, but everything is going very well. We know that each year, the months of November and December are complicated, with lots of matches. But we work hard in our preseason in order to be ready for this stage of the campaign. Everyone makes the necessary efforts to go the distance. I'm ready and I know that everyone else is too.

Do you feel that your status has changed since you arrived at the club?
Yes… I'd be lying if I said I came here with any apprehension. Right from the start I wanted to earn a place in the team. And obviously, over three seasons, I have developed. I feel like my game is tighter now, more streamlined. I try to be a plus for the team in every area, scoring goals and defending too. I always give 200% and I know that hard work pays off. I learn every day and I really love playing with this group of lads.

Have you taken on more responsibilities since Nikola Karabatic has been out injured?
Niko is a hugely important player in our team, be it in attack or defence. He is our leader. When talks, everyone listens. It's really tough for us that he is out of action, but I have every confidence that all the lads will continue make progress without him there. We have to find other weapons and other leaders. That's what I'm trying to do, especially in terms of speaking up. We make progress together…


(Credits: TeamPics/PSG)