Kamil Syprzak: 'On top of the table, that's where I feel the best'

Before the clash between Paris Saint-Germain Handball and Ivry, check out the second part of our interview with Kamil Syprzak.

What did you think of the victory against Saint-Raphael (38-30)?

"It was a complicated game. We knew it would be, because they are a very complete team. It was a also a chance to catch up with Vincent Gérard, who played with us last season."

Did you give him a pretty stiff challenge?

"We talked a lot, both before and during the game. He was very ready for this confrontation and knew how I would shoot."

You're turning in some great performances. Are you satisfied?

"Yes, but as a pivot, I can't do anything without my teammates. It's thanks to them that I have chances to score. After that, in terms of finishing, I have to work hard and be focused in each game. I have the feeling that I am improving every season. But I feel that I can still improve in certain areas. The nominations are not the most important thing, but the always make me happy."

Will it be difficult on Sunday, against Ivry?

"Of course it will. We go there with a lot of respect. I've played them before and I remember it was very difficult. The base of their team has not changed much. There will also be the little notion of a derby between the two cities."

You're back on top of the league. Is it important to be the leader?

"Yes, we had a lot of new players and we didn't start the season well. We were affected by our defeat in Toulouse. But now we've hit our stride and we are doing much better. On top of the table, that's where I feel the best."


(Credits: L. Valroff/Team Pics/PSG)