Elohim Prandi: 'A great experience'

On Saturday evening, Paris Saint-Germain Handball won a stylish victory over Cesson-Rennes (39-21) in their Lidl StarLigue Round 2 clash. Jesus Gonzalez, Dylan Nahi and Elohim Prandi gave us their thoughts on this impressive victory.

Jesus Gonzalez (Paris Saint-Germain Handball assistant coach):
"We started very well, especially in defense. Twenty minutes in, we were leading by ten goals. That's very important for the confidence. We were also able to get the whole team to play some minutes, which is very positive. We know that other, even more difficult matches will come. But this victory is good for us. We know that we can do it right!"

Dylan Nahi (Paris Saint-Germain Handball left-winger): 
"We had a great game, both in attack and defence! That's what we've been missing so far this season. I really felt like we were playing together as a team, and that was our biggest strength. We have to keep it that way. We're setting ourselves up well for the match against Saint-Raphaël."

Elohim Prandi (Paris Saint-Germain Handball centre-half):
"It was a great match! We were able to create a lead very quickly they playing well out of defence. We also had Vincent Gérard in some stunning form! This performance came close to perfection. Everyone was able to play and contribute to this victory, and that's the main thing. We had to question ourselves and tonight we feel that the automatisms are coming back. What a great experience!"

(Credits: TeamPics/PSG)