Edouard Kempf: 'Why not win it all?'

Dans cette deuxième partie d’interview, Edouard Kempf se confie sur la Coupe de France mais aussi sur ses objectifs avec le Paris Saint-Germain Handball.

Psg.fr: On Sunday, you'll be back in the Coupe de France. What does it mean to you?
Edouard Kempf: It's a legendary competition. It brings a lot of people together! It's in those moments that we see why people love handball. Last year, we didn't make it to the final, but we won it two years ago. I have very good memories of that. I want to relive that experience; it had a special flavour.


You're going to face Dunkerque. What do you think of this team?
They're a team that plays very well, despite some up-and-down results. But it doesn't matter, they're in the quarter-finals, so they won't be taken lightly. They're coming to make a move, so we'll have to play a big game to get to the semi-finals. We're at home, so we have to win to please our fans.

You're still in the running in every competition. Do you think you can win it all?
That's the goal for everyone, even if it's complicated, with a lot of matches and a lot of adversity. If we do it, we'll all be very happy.


It's your last season in Paris [before going to Toulouse]. Have you set yourself some goals before you leave?
Why not win it all? If we can make a clean sweep of all the domestic trophies, that would be a good thing. But the icing on the cake would be the Velux EHF Champions League. In the meantime, there's a lot of work to be done. We'll take one match after another and then we can start dreaming.

As someone who has already played in the Final4, do you find you're already looking ahead to it?
It's really special to go to Cologne... I really want to go back. That's the goal for the whole team.

Watch the first part of our interview with Edouard Kempf on video.

(Credits: TeamPics/PSG)