David does it in style

Once again, David Balaguer proved spectacular - this time in Paris Saint-Germain Handball's victory over Chartres (32-33) - and one of his goals was deservedly included in the Top Goals for Liqui Moly StarLigue Round 10.

At the beginning of the second half, the Spanish international hit on the counter. One-on-one with the opposing goalkeeper, David cooked up a truly unpredictable shot. While the Chartres 'keeper would have been expecting a powerful shot or a chabala (as he has done before), David opted for a magnificent shot from behind his back! An incredible move that went straight into the Top 5 goals of the week in France.

It's the second round in a row that our right-winger has been rewarded in this way, since his successful chabala against Aix last week (37-32) had already caught the attention of the jury!

(Credits: L. Valroff/Team Pics/PSG)