Thomas Tuchel: 'Control the match'

Press conferences

The Paris Saint-Germain coach gave his thoughts on Wednesday's league encounter with Reims.

"In terms of the squad, Cavani, Icardi, Draxler, Mbappé, Kehrer and Dagba are unavailable and Verratti is suspended, so Paredes will start tomorrow. Reims play a classic 4-4-2, but they are compact and disciplined. They never lose their shape during a game. It was very difficult to create chances against them. We lost the last game in Reims last season. This time, I want us to control the match even if it's not easy to create chances, but we have to play it simple going forward and be able to control their counter-attacks. They have only conceded twice since the start of the season, that's exceptional, and opposing teams get very few opportunities."


"I have put my faith in Kehrer or Dagba for certain games for tactical reasons, current form, or what I expect of my players. It's not his fault if he hasn't started some games. There are a lot of reasons which are not serious ones. We're very happy he's here now, he's played well in two matches now against very good opponents. He's very reliable, so it's the moment to use him well."

"Kylian is lacking assurances when he hits top speed, we have to wait for that. We're not going to have a situation with zero risk, but we want there to be as little risk as possible for his return. We need to sit down with the medical staff to talk about the best time. But if it continues like this, we'll talk about it again before the match against Bordeaux, and no doubt it'll be different."


"He has the role of a leader, that energy on the pitch. He never loses the link between his teammates and the match. He played well against Strasbourg where he made two or three saves. Against Real and Lyon, he didn't need to make saves, but he contributed his calmness to the whole defence."

"We alternate the intensity of games thanks to the statistics and information we gather. Each player is different, especially in terms of the pre-season he had. If the players aren't injured, it's ideal to be able to change players without losing quality, but you can't use them too much otherwise it becomes a vicious circle. You have to talk about it to find solutions, but we'll do that. If they play tomorrow, they'll need to be hungry on the pitch. It's true it's more tiring to play against Lyon or Real because they're Champions League-level games. It's up to us to find the balance."