Thomas Meunier: 'A potential banana skin'

The Paris Saint-Germain defender looks ahead to meeting his former club, Club Brugge, in the UEFA Champions League.


"It's quite a hostile atmosphere here! There are around 25,000 season-ticket holders in a stadium of 30,000. They're like an English crowd. I don't expect any special kind of reception for my return...but it's a potential banana skin! Their form in the league or their matches against Galatasaray and Real Madrid are good examples. We'll have to be careful, we mustn't underestimate them. The danger can come from anywhere, because they have a very complete squad. But the key is Hans Vanhacken. He's a player who can make the difference at any time."


"Every day, I regret having accepted to play in defence! I have put my own enjoyment to one side, because what I prefer is the goal. But I accepted, and that enabled me to be a first-team regular at Brugge, then opened the doors to the national team and a transfer to Paris Saint-Germain. I hope to have a long career as a right-back."