Thiago Silva in the top ten for Rouge et Bleu appearances

Equipe première

Playing his 281st match in all competitions with the capital club in the 2-1 Trophée des Champions victory over Rennes on Saturday in Shenzhen, China, the Paris Saint-Germain defender made his entry into the top 10 for appearances in rouge et bleu.

Appearances for Paris Saint-Germain in official matches:

1. Jean-Marc Pilorget: 435 matches
2. Sylvain Armand: 380 matches
3. Paul Le Guen, Safet Susic: 344 matches
5. Bernard Lama: 318 matches
6. Mustapha Dahleb: 310 matches
7. Blaise Matuidi: 295 matches
8. Eric Renaut: 290 matches
9. Joël Bats: 285 matches
10. Dominique Baratelli, Thiago Silva: 281 matches