Thiago Silva: 'Congratulate the whole squad'

Thiago Silva and Marquinhos gave their thoughts on Brazil's 3-0 win over Bolivia in their Copa America opener.

Thiago Silva
"It was a difficult opening game, we were nervous. We knew we would feel that. In the first half, even if we created some chances, we weren't at our best. We couldn't score, we were anxious, and started taking bad decisions, we were hasty. When we scored the first goal, our play became more fluid, more natural. I want to congratulate the whole squad, especially for its mental strength."

"We know there is always a bit of pressure and tension for an opening game. After the first goal, we made things easier for ourselves, we were able to free ourselves up a bit. We raised our game in the second half, we scored a goal, then a second, and in the end everything went well."