Presnel Kimpembe: 'We hold this match dear'

The Paris Saint-Germain defender knows just how important Sunday's Classique is for the squad and the supporters.


"The squad are good, even it's always difficult to get back to work after the holidays. But the team is working well and we feel ready for tomorrow's game."


"For me, it's one of the most important games of the season. There are a lot of big games, but this one is really one we hold dear. There's always a special atmosphere around these games. We love playing these games, and above all we want to win it. For a Parisian like me, it's special. I love playing Classiques, it's always very special. We're a great team with great players, despite the absences, and we hope to win. We'll be ready for tomorrow."


"He's played some big games in his career, but we're going to explain to him just how important this game is for us. Everyone wants him to be ready, and I'm sure the staff will do everything for that. He's going to contribute his experience and tactical nous to us. He's got a very good profile."


"We would have preferred to have our fans by our side, but what's happening is serious. Everyone's health is the most important thing. We'll have to put the fact the fans aren't there out of our minds, but we're playing for them."