Presnel Kimpembe: 'Very proud'

The Paris Saint-Germain defender talked about his contract extension over a game of foosball.

Presnel, you have just extended your contract. How do you feel?
"I'm very proud! Moreover, it's happened on my birthday, so it'll stay in my memory for a long time. I'm proud to extend my contract with the club where I have come through the youth academy, it's something huge. I couldn't have asked for better on a special day like this one! I'm really proud to be here for another five years. I have always been in Rouge-et-Bleu, that's not changed since I was in a cot!"

You have admitted in the past that you weren't among the most talented of players in the club's youth teams. Now, you haveĀ picked up a lot of trophies and have recently become world championā€¦
"It's not bad! That's why they say work is very important. Talent does not come out on top all the time. I'm proud of what I have achieved, and I hope to achieve more great things here at Paris Saint-Germain."

Have you set yourself goals for the new season?
"With everything that has happened this summer and because it's my birthday today, I've not really thought about it! But my season is going to start up again quickly, so I'll soon be on the case..."