Paris Saint-Germain returns to Japan for 2023-2024 pre-season tour

After a successful tour last year, Paris Saint-Germain is returning to Japan to play matches in Osaka and Tokyo, strengthening the club’s bond with its Japanese fan base. Alongside the football team, Paris Saint-Germain's Handball, and Esports teams will also be present, creating a unique lineup of top sporting entertainment for Japanese fans.

The 2023 Summer Tour will run from July 22nd to August 2nd and the football team will play three matches - on 25th and 28th July in Osaka against Al-Nassr and Cerezo Osaka respectively and on 1st August 2023 in Tokyo against Inter Milan.

Additionally, the Paris Saint-Germain Handball team will face Zeekstar Tokyo, one of the most ambitious local clubs, on 31st July, and will also compete against the national team of Japan at the Ariake Arena on 2nd August. The land of the rising sun will offer the perfect environment for the teams to prepare for the forthcoming season.

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In 2022, the club already witnessed incredible popularity amongst Japanese fans with over 65,000 supporters attending a football match at the National Stadium in Tokyo - setting the new record attendance for the stadium, with a total of more than 150,000 spectators in 3 games and over 31,000 supporters attending the public training sessions.

During the last Summer tour, the number of Paris Saint-Germain fans on the Japanese social network LINE has increased by more than 16%, with +70,000 new followers, while the club’s Japanese Twitter account, meanwhile, has seen its number of followers increase by 128%.

PSG, a leading lifestyle brand in Japan

Paris Saint-Germain has a strong presence in Japan for over a decade and is the only European football club in the world to have successfully opened two official stores in the country, with one in Tokyo and another in Nagoya. Off the pitch, the Japanese public enjoys the exclusive Paris Saint-Germain lifestyle collections created exclusively for them, most notably in conjunction with local designers such as Verdy, Nigo and Makoto Yamaki. The special collection launched for last year’s tour was sold out before the club left the country.

Sebastien Wasels, Managing Director, Paris Saint-Germain Asia Pacific said: "Paris Saint-Germain has created very strong ties with supporters in Japan and we are determined to continue building our relationship with this growing fan base by offering them more unique experiences up close with our teams. Japan is a strategic market for Paris Saint-Germain and this tournament will enable the club to strengthen its local presence by opening up new opportunities through our flagship stores and football academies."

A 100% PSG sport experience with the attendance of the Handball, Judo and Esports teams

Beyond Football, Paris Saint-Germain Handball team and Esports players will also make the journey over to Japan for this tournament, giving fans in the country the chance to discover the full range of sports that the club has to offer. More details will be shared in the coming weeks.