Paris Saint-Germain and Footshake launch the first juggling community

The Parisian club and the start-up Footshake have developed a game to boost your football skills and have fun at the same time. Footshake is a “phygital” game – mixing physical and digital – for you to practise juggling anywhere and to instantly challenge your friends all over the world. This ellipse-shaped object is designed for accuracy, balance and technique while juggling.

Once you have downloaded the application on your smartphone (available via Android or Apple Store) integrating the PSG community, you can create your own profile, instantly count your juggles and also register calories burnt in each session.

There are different modes for Footshake users to choose, with each one giving “Footshakers” the chance to live their experience to the max and share with their friends.

You can also challenge your favourite stars via the app’s football community partners, no matter whether you’re on the beach, in the street or in your own living room. With its compact size and weighing only 120 grams, you can enjoy it anywhere you go.

There’s a lot of fun to be had this summer with the Paris Saint-Germain Footshake!

HD Pictures : HERE