Mbappé to wear number 7

Kylian Mbappé, who was wearing number 29 since he joined Paris Saint-Germain last summer, will now wear number 7.

It was Lucas who wore the No.7 until he left for Tottenham in January 2018. Now this number belongs to the Parisian striker. In an interesting coincidence, Lucas already switched his kit number, from 29 to 7 in June 2014.

"I always thought that the kit number was not of great importance, I thought that how you behave on the pitch is more important, but your number shows your ambitions, it shows the kind of player you want to be," said the 19-year-old world champion. "I try to keep improving on the pitch and I believe that it was the right time for me to change numbers. I think it shows that I'm growing. Seven is a legendary number, a lot of great players have worn it. I hope I'll do justice to this great number with good performances on the pitch. I will keep working really hard in order to improve and see where this takes me. Getting this number is a good start! I came to Paris Saint-Germain to make history, there are so many great things to accomplish here and it's only the beginning. We're here for many years to come and I hope we can achieve greatness."