Pochettino: 'We could feel the adrenaline'

Check out what coach Mauricio Pochettino, Gini Wijnaldum and Eric Junior Dina Ebimbe had to say to PSG TV after Paris Saint-Germain's 2-1 opening day win over Troyes in Ligue 1.

Mauricio Pochettino 

"It was very important to get the three points and start the season in this way. Maybe we didn't play the full 90 minutes the way we wanted to. There were good and not-so-good periods in the game but overall I'm happy. Troyes deserve a lot of credit. I think they played very well. It was really difficult, but we know the start of the season is always difficult. Our opponents are always really motivated to play against us and we saw that in other results yesterday and earlier today. It's never easy to win a game. All the teams are very well prepared and of course today was tough. But the most important thing is to win the three points.

"I think the supporters were amazing. The adrenaline we felt today is what we missed for nearly two years without the fans. It's been a nightmare, very bad for all of us that love football and its passion, so today we are very happy to see the fans back in the stadium."

Gini wijnaldum

"I’m really happy to get the win. But I have to say it was a really tough game, a really hard one, as you could see, because Troyes just didn’t give up. They scored a good first goal and we came back really well, but they kept fighting to try and win the game so it was difficult. There were moments in the game I think we could have played better than we did, but in the end, the important thing was to win the game. It’s always a good quality to be able to come back and stay in the game after conceding a goal. You don’t want to see it too much, because you don’t want to fall behind, but sometimes you have to deal with these situations and that’s what we did today.

"I heard the fans a lot and it makes me very happy to see how passionate they are and I’m looking forward to playing and winning many more games for them. It’s been a long time we haven’t played in front of our supporters and I think that was a real reality check for footballers to see how important supporters are for football, so it was good to celebrate with them after the game. We could see how happy they were that we won so it was important to go to them after the game and celebrate together."

eric junior dina ebimbe

"Everything is going very well for me. I’ve been lucky enough to play in a few matches in preseason, nearly all of them, that was great. The coach has shown lots of confidence in me. I’m just making the most of this moment with the club. It’s a great source of pride to play my first Ligue 1 match for Paris Saint-Germain have come through the youth ranks here. I’ve waited so long for this moment. I went out on loan to progress, to come back stronger and be in the position I find myself today against Troyes and I’m very happy and I hope this isn’t the last. It’s great to get the win. After the Trophée des Champions we really wanted to bounce back. We wanted to show that we are Paris Saint-Germain and we did that and we return to Paris with the three points and that’s the most important thing."