Mauricio Pochettino: 'Three important points to go and pick up'

On the eve of Matchday 30 of Ligue 1 against Lyon on Sunday 21 March at 21:00 at the Groupama Stadium, the Paris Saint-Germain coach answered questions from the press and PSG TV. Extracts.


"It will be a very important match for the two sides. The most important thing is the approach we take. Lyon have very talented players and the circumstances mean that we need to be more focused on ourselves than the quality of the other side. They have a very good coach, some very good players and a very good team. It will be tough but we will need to do all that we can to beat the semi-finalists from the last Champions League. The circumstances and the context of the match are different from the first match against them this year. We will need to play at a very good level, not allowing them the time to play and to think, in order to pick up a good result."


"Neymar will be in the squad for the trip to Lyon tomorrow. His return is great for us and for him. It's a plus for us to be able to look to him to help us. But we like to keep our feet on the ground and after almost six weeks without playing, it would be difficult to see him start the match."



"It's a very important match, it's like a cup final. These are three very important points to go and pick up. I am convinced that if we do what we need to do and we win our matches, we will be crowned champions. I don't like ready-made phrases, but I repeat it again, this year is a really different from any other. I believe and I am convinced that we will get there."


"We are getting into a period where each player can have a very important role at any moment. We are a coaching staff who like flexibility, who like building our play in different ways and today the priority is to take this team as far as possible. Everyday, we are adapting to the situation of the team. Mauro Icardi is out, Moise Kean was back with us this week. Neymar Jr and Kylian Mbappé are adapting to different positions on the pitch. With time, we will find the positions in which they feel best."