Mauricio Pochettino : « Keep going and keep working »

Check out Mauricio Pochettino and Keylor Navas' post match interviews after the 0-0 draw in Marseille.

Mauricio Pochettino

'We are not very happy with the draw. Of course, when you bring together all of the circumstances, maybe you can be satisfied by the performance and the result. We wanted the three points but with everything that happened, it's okay and we will keep going and keep working. We showed character and personality and that is important. Today the team demonstrated solidarity, character and good organisation. I am happy with that.'

keylor navas

'We wanted to win, it was important for us. In the first half, we were the team that had the possession of the ball, and the team that had the best chance of scoring. And in the second half, the red card meant that we needed to defend a bit more. I think that the impression is good, the team was able to defend and suffer while we needed to do so. We will take a point, it's not what we wanted, but we will take it and it's positive. '