Marquinhos: "Monaco are a good team too"

Ahead of the Ligue 1 Matchday 4 clash between Paris Saint-Germain and AS Monaco, the Red and Blue captain spoke to the club's media.

Marqui, Paris is hosting Monaco this Sunday for the 4th Matchday of Ligue 1. How do you see this team?

AS Monaco are a good team too. A very good team with good players, so there will be qualities on the other side, with a team that is also well coached. But we will be at home and we have to win. 

All the more reason to make an impression?

Yes, personally, I still have last season's match against Monaco in my mind. But these are also things that will motivate us to play a good match, that will push us to be concentrated in this game.

You must be well prepared to carry on with this good run of form?

Yes, we have to be able to do what we've been doing since the beginning of the season: play good matches, put in good performances, and above all do it well. Especially since we worked hard this week to play a good match on Sunday.