Verratti: 'I'm very happy to continue in this shirt!'

Find out what Christophe Galtier, Marco Verratti and Kylian Mbappé told PSGTV after Paris Saint-Germain's 2-1 win over Strasbourg in final game of 2022, the incredible atmosphere inside the Parc des Princes and Il Gufetto's contract extension!


"My contract extension? It was what I wanted the most, and what the club wanted too. We agreed terms very quickly, which is always a sign that we both wanted to continue together. I am very grateful to this club, which has allowed me to do what I love most, at the highest level, with great players with incredible talent, playing incredible matches. This club has very high goals and I share those goals, and that's why it was a very easy decision. I'm very happy that I can continue to play in this shirt."

"Tonight's game was tough. It was a first game back after a break. A lot of players were absent at the World Cup while we were training, so it was difficult. Strasbourg is a team that needs points, that don't deserve to be where they are on the ladder and they have very good players. We knew it was going to be difficult, but we kept fighting until the end. We scored a deserved goal to win the game and we're happy with the victory."


"Obviously, we’re very happy. It was the last game of 2022 at the Parc des Princes. Our fans have been right behind us since the start of the season. They always encourage the team and tonight they pushed the team very, very hard when we were struggling. And I think it helped our players and it's a great victory for our supporters. It's also a great victory for my squad, because to get this kind of victory, when the result is in doubt with a just few minutes to go, you have to celebrate. Congratulations to our supporters for cheering us on. And well done to my players, my team and my squad."

"Marco's contract extension? Yes, I'm happy. For ten years I played against him and it was always a pleasure to watch him play, but a pain to try and stop him. I'm very happy that he's also showing his attachment to this club. Maybe he is more Parisian than Italian now. It's a very good thing for the club and I'm very happy to be able to work with Marco for years to come because Marco is one of the very best players in the world in his position."

KYLIAN mbappé 

"It's great, it's great. It was a difficult match. We managed to get the win so we are very, very happy. The atmosphere was incredible inside the Parc and the fans really supported us, they pushed us all the way. We really had that 12th man tonight, so that really helped us to win. The fans singing? I didn't hear it very well because I'm quite far away on the pitch, but I heard my name. It really makes you feel good. I thank the fans. When you come back from a situation like what I went through at the World Cup, it's always heart-warming to know that you've come home and it really makes you happy."