Marco Verratti: 'A huge match to be played'

The Paris Saint-Germain midfielder spoke at the pre-match press conference and answered questions from PSG TV on the eve of Matchday 5 of the UEFA Champions League Group Stage against Manchester United on Wednesday 2 December at 21:00 at Old Trafford. Highlights.



"We have already lost two matches in this group, so we can no longer afford to make a mistake. We are going to play in a stadium where it is difficult to win, against a top team. It will be like a cup final. We will all need to be at 150% in order to win at Old Trafford. We know what awaits us, so we will need to prepare well. We have the ability to go there and put in excellent performance to win the three points. We won there two years ago. We know that we are a great side, who are getting better every year. It's now time to show it. My record in European matches for Paris Saint-Germain? It's something that makes me happy, which shows how long I have been here and that we are battling to win this Champions League. We know how hard it is, we saw that. Every match is very difficult to win. I am always happy to play in this competition, the best club competition that there is."



"I think we can always do more. We always need to try to do better. The build-up of matches like we have at the moment is difficult, but it's the same situation for all clubs. It's a tough period for us, but we need to forget that. We have a huge match to play on Wednesday and we will need to give our all. It's an important match for the rest of the season. Manchester United are a top side and we will need to go out there to get the win. In order to do so, we will need to put in a perfect match both individually and collectively. It will be the only way to go out and get all three points." 



"Two years ago, we played a very good match there and controlled the game, which is very important. We knew when to speed things up and when to slow things down. That's the key. In order to have that control, you need to accept your responsibilities and play the game. Manchester are a top side, with some magnificent players. We will need to give 150%, control the match and try to win. That's the most important thing. Manchester United showed in Paris that they are an organised side, with very quick players. Marcus Rashford is still young but has already shown a lot. It's a very good team, from defence through to attack. I like Paul Pogba a lot, he plays with lots of personality and likes a big match. There are other very strong players, like Anthony Martial or Bruno Fernandes. But we can't focus on them, only on ourselves. We will need to show desire to win the match and put in the performance to go with it."