Luis Enrique: 'We are sad and disappointed'

Paris Saint-Germain coach Luis Enrique and midfielder Warren Zaïre-Emery spoke to PSG TV after Wednesday's cruel UEFA Champions League elimination at the hands of Borussia Dortmund.

Luis Enrique

In all honesty, it’s almost impossible to have more than 3 expected goals, hit the woodwork 4 times and still not score a single goal. We hit the woodwork six times in the 2 legs. Football is not a fair game, you don’t always get what you deserve and the best team doesn’t always win. Despite everything, I have to congratulate Borussia Dortmund. I think they played very well, fought very hard and are lucky enough to reach the final. We are sad and disappointed because we feel we deserved better. But this is sport at the highest level… it is what it is. That’s life and you have to be able to bounce back. Tonight, like always, our supporters were superb, it was a brilliant football atmosphere. I think it’s a shame that we couldn’t bring them more happiness, but we have to lift ourselves up and come back stronger next year.

Warren Zaïre-Emery

First of all, we are very disappointed to have lost the two matches. For sure we were unlucky… we created a lot of chances, we hit the woodwork 4 times, the crossbar and the post… But sometimes that’s football. It’s unfair. We had one of the youngest teams in the Champions League and a project that his progressing from year to year. Like you said, we will do everything we can to try and win it next year. Obviously right now, it’s very disappointing, but we can still win the treble and that’s what we’ll try and do between now and the end of the season. Thank-you to the fans who are always there to support us, even when we lose, we went to see them at the end of the game, and we’ll do everything we can to win for them in the future.