Luis Enrique: "It's in the hard times that you see their character"

The Paris Saint-Germain coach and Vitinha spoke to PSG TV after the 1-1 draw with Rennes on Matchday 23 of Ligue 1.


"I think we started the game very well in terms of dominating and controlling our opponents. We kept them away from our goal. But we weren't coherent for most of the game, and we didn't have the necessary spark to solve the usual combinations and dribbling situations. We lacked a bit of mobility, but I think it's a match that leaves - that leaves me - with a good feeling because it's in the hard times that you see the players, that you see their character, their desire to fight, to turn the game around and to go until the end. The team kept pushing and pushing, without being coherent - we weren't coherent for practically the whole match - not coherent, and not in our flow. But I'm still pleased with the attitude of my players."


"Rennes are a very good team. They have very good players and I think we played a good first half until Rennes scored. The first time Rennes came close to our goal, they scored. Up until that goal, we were doing very well, we had the ball, we had possession. We created chances too, not many, but we did create some. But we didn't score that goal. After that, we were struggling until half-time. Then we had a little chat with the coach and changed the way we played. But it was difficult. With eleven Rennes players behind the ball, you have to find a way through, but it's still difficult. We want to have possession of the ball all game. And we had it. But you also have to create chances. We were a bit better in the second half. But it wasn't enough. Fortunately, we scored in the last minute with a penalty. But still, I think we played a good game and it's difficult to play like that."