Luis Enrique: "I have a lot of options"

The Paris Saint-Germain coach talked to us before Sunday's league game against Brest.


"All matches are potential banana skins, but this one could be particularly tricky because of the kick-off time. We have never played at that time. We're away too, so there are all the possible conditions to not be concentrated, which is what we want to avoid. Brest are a team that defends well and sends over a lot of crosses. It's tough, especially after a Champions League game. We have to be very careful with that."


"That's the difficulty that we have. That's what it's like for a coach with a team full of internationals. There's no doubt about it. The three points you get against a top-class team are the same as those against a side that's not as well-placed in the table. I try to put out the best team possible and send out the players that are best prepared to play. I have seen the pitch, it'll be like an English stadium with the fans close to the pitch. The kick-off time is unusual, but we have to be able to overcome that."


"A player coming back is always good news. We have a lot of hopes in him. We know his level very well. In addition to his individual quality, he never loses the ball. He's a player with exceptional physical qualities and I think he can contribute a lot of things to us. He can play in different positions, and for me that's very attractive. You have to acknowledge his versatility."


"What he's doing is what he's been asked to do by us. We need him to be a focal point. His movement is very good. It's true that we're not a team that crosses a lot so we might not see him having his best stats. But he's a top player who's doing spectacular work. I have to say that with Kolo Muani and Ramos, I have two top quality players. But there's also Asensio, Barcola and Lee who can play in that position. I have a lot of options, it's marvellous."


"Vitinha can play as a winger, in a central position, or even up front. When he plays wide, he has to know which positions to take up and other things that I'm not going to talk about publicly, because it's not in our interest that other teams know. Several players can do it: Ruiz, Soler, Lee, Zaïre-Emery... but Vitinha has done it most. For me, that gives me lots of options."