Beraldo: 'A dream come true'

Paris Saint-Germain coach Luis Enrique and Lucas Beraldo spoke to PSG TV after the 2-1 away win over Real Sociedad de Futbol, on Tuesday that saw the French side qualify for the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals.

Luis Enrique 

"On paper, it’s very easy. Every coach plans for the win on paper. But it's the players that have to understand it and go out there and do it. They have to know when to attack, when to hold onto the ball and I think they all played very well.

"It's very important and also very rewarding to be part of a team. All our players, since the start of the season, in this competition and all the other competitions too, they have displayed a great attitude, the perfect approach and I think they are continuing to grow and get stronger and stronger."

Lucas Beraldo

"I think it was a great performance as you said. The whole team managed to perform their role in the best way possible so that we could come away with the qualification tonight. Personally? I’m feeling really good but it's not just me- it was the whole team who carried out their roles really well tonight. Everyone did exactly what the coach asked from us and we managed to get the win. I’m very happy just to play in the Champions League and now to play in the quarter finals is a dream come true."