200 to equal, 201 to take the record.

Time is frozen, like the seconds that float through the air before the ball hits the back of the net. Time has stopped, as the history of one player collides with the great history of his club.




Because at the age of 24, Kylian Mbappé has just left his mark on the capital by becoming Paris Saint-Germain's all-time top scorer.

Records are made to be broken, that is the logic of history, and especially of sport. But we will not give in to the all too easy temptation to trivialise the exceptional. For rare are those who can climb mountains without trembling, invite themselves to the table alongside the greatest without doubting, and carry in their wake everything that is logical in sport. Kylian is one of them. Those who combine challenges with the imperative.

Pushing limits, achieving the impossible. For the kid from Bondy, and since he stormed onto the football scene at the highest level, records have been chased in length, width and breadth. The number of goals to his name has risen exponentially, the decisive moves are piling up to the thrill of his fans, his pace swallowing up the kilometres and, above all, space-time is being reduced by an insane degree. Because there have always been records for which Mbappé seems to be out on his own in the world of football, those relating to his age. And now there are those that will make him a historic footballer. His 201st goal is a triumph from a dizzying story.

A romance that started in 2017, like a game in his garden at the Parc des Princes. A child’s game, for the man who wasn’t even old enough to drive, but who was already approaching the twists and turns of the world of professional football with real maturity. A zoom in on the forward flashed at 201km/h.

« I am proud. You know, I have scored lots of goals, it's been a long time. It's my sixth year here. I arrived here when I was very young, I was a kid. I improved as a player and as a man. I have experienced a lot here, and to be rewarded with something on a personal level is brilliant. But I hope that we are going to win titles this year.   »

- Kylian Mbappé

Kylian Mbappé’s 201 goals for Paris!

From his first goal in 2017 to the record breaker, here’s a look back at all the goals scored by the 2018 World Champion in the colours of the club from the capital.

His goals on the x-ray

First of all, from the 201 that he has scored, he appears to have a slight penchant for his right foot, which is where 152 of his strikes have come from, as well as a propensity to use his left without batting an eyelid, as he has netted no fewer than 144 goals with his supposedly weaker foot – including the record-breaker against Nantes, as if to prove our point even more.

Incidentally, did you know that Kylian particularly enjoys taking things down to the wire? Of course, we couldn't possibly forget his 94th-minute goal against Real Madrid, which almost literally made the Parc des Princes erupt, but it was far from an isolated incident for the Bondy native, who has made torturing his vital organs to bring the capital to its feet his signature, as a quarter of his goals (49, to be precise) have been scored in the last 15 minutes of games.

A word from the President

« It's a historic moment for the club and for Kylian too of course. A player who loves records... and records love him too. It's an incredible performance which highlights his consistency and his fantastic efficiency. What a magnificent journey since he arrived almost six years ago. Thank you to him and to all of the team for having given so much to the Paris Saint-Germain supporters. We'll see you again for even more records. »

- Nasser Al-Khelaïfi

« Kylian is a player who has very clear objectives, and he never stops working. This record is incredible, he is a role model for everyone. »

- Danilo Pereira


« He is a machine. He has incredible athletic qualities, but the craziest thing with him is also his technical quality. A quality that very few players have in football. »

- Marco Verratti


« We know that this record is very important for him, something that is historic. Kylian is a player who works very hard. Everyone knows his power and I am sure that he is still able to go a lot further. »

- Fabian Ruiz

Paris Saint-Germain’s top 10 goalscorers

From its birth in 1970 to the heyday in the 2010s through the many successes of the 1990s, Paris Saint-Germain's history has been marked by a number of exceptionally talented strikers.

Having been rocked by the achievements of the legendary Dominique Rocheteau, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Pedro Miguel Pauleta, the Parc des Princes has been blessed with a king over the last six years: Kylian Mbappé. The Paris-born forward and French prodigy has won over the hearts of the Rouge et Bleu supporters with the 200 goals he has scored in the Paris colours that he defends with such pride and ambition.

With a 201st goal scored on Saturday against FC Nantes, Kylian Mbappé has climbed to the top of the standings of the club’s all-time top goalscorers. We take a look at some of those finishers who have contributed to the Paris Saint-Germain glory days.



Kylian Mbappé
the king of goalscorers
247 Matchs - 201 Goals

Edinson Cavani
in second place with 200 goals
301 Matchs - 200 Goals

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
the emblematic Swedish giant
180 Matchs - 156 Goals

Neymar Jr
the podium in sight
173 Matchs - 118 Goals

Pedro Miguel Pauleta
a solid 5th
211 Matchs - 109 Goals

Dominique Rocheteau
at the heart of the club’s initial success
255 Matchs - 100 Goals

Mustapha Dahleb
the Red and Blue star
310 Matchs - 98 Goals

François M’Pelé
the African legend
217 Matchs - 95 Goals

Angel Di Maria
the majestic left boot
294 Matchs - 93 Goals

Safet Susic
the magician
345 Matchs - 85 Goals

A record in photos!

« Kylian is a top player with spectacular talent. What Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have done, he will be the next to do so. He is a very special lad. Technically, he is fantastic, he is almost unstoppable. »

- Ronaldo


« He is fantastic, everyone can see what he is achieving. He has a huge heart, he has prodigious qualities but his heart is even bigger than his qualities. He is one of the best players in the world, and we are lucky to have him in our team, at Paris Saint-Germain. »

- Jamel Debbouze