Kimpembe: 'Making a good tackle is like scoring a goal'

The France international defender looks back on Paris Saint-Germain's 2017-18 campaign.

Last season, the three central defenders played as much as each other. Do you feel you have progressed? 
"I played quite a lot last season, I'm happy with that and proud. Having said that, if I played it's because the coach had faith in me and I was able to repay that faith. It's good for me and for the team too."

What was it like at the start of the season with Neymar Jr, Kylian Mbappé and Dani Alves all having a big impact?
"We quickly got into a very good groove. They are three great players. Dani brought us his experience and will to win. Neymar Jr is one of the top three players in the world and Kylian who arrived afterwards is young, but he's very dynamic and very strong, we all know that and the whole world knows that too. They helped us in both defence and attack. We had a good season and I'm happy over even if we were all disappointed in the Champions League, us and the fans."

What was the biggest moment of the season for you?
"I think it was the match at the Bernabeu. It was a bold choice by the coach to start me against Madrid and for me it was, I wouldn't say a shock, but it surprised me. And to play in a stadium like that...It's really very impressive with the number of fans in the stadium and even our own fans. It was amazing and it pleasantly surprised me."

What are you objectives in the months to come?
"I think I still have time to think about my objectives for next season, but it would be nice to score my first goal. I get quite a lot of stick about that, but I'm a defender first and foremost. My job is to defend, to tackle. For me, making a good tackle is as if I had scored a goal, it's the same feeling. I'm a defender to the core so tackling to win the ball back for me is like doing stepovers for Kylian Mbappé. Everyone has their job to do."