Juan Bernat: 'The coach put his faith in me'

After clinching the club's eighth Ligue 1 title, the players looked back on the season past - Paris Saint-Germain's Spain international defender is up first.

Juan, what does it mean to you to have won the league title in your first season in France?
"It's something very special for me, because it's a reward for the work done throughout the season. I'm very happy to have won the league in my first season here in Paris."

It was important to celebrate the title with the fans as you did after the win over Dijon…
"Of course! It was crucial to add the supporters into the party, they've supported us all season long and come and see our games. It was a great evening, a special moment."

After some difficult years in Germany, you have been one of the revelations of the season here and have found your way back into the Spain team. What are your thoughts on your season?
"It's been a very positive season. As you said, I had two difficult years in Germany with quite a few injuries. Now, I'm very happy. I've been able to play a full season. I hope next season will be even better."

In your opinion, what does Paris have to do to improve next season?
"The club's project is very ambitious. This season, we have won the league, but we weren't lucky in the Champions League. We had started well, but we had a bad second leg against Manchester United. I think the team will be strengthened, but the squad is already strong. I'm convinced we have a team that can accomplish great things."

The coach has shown his faith in you throughout the season and played you in a number of different positions...what's your relationship like with him?
"I've enjoyed spending this season alongside him. He put his faith in me from the first day, and actually it's thanks to him that I joined the club. He showed his belief in me by playing me in positions that aren't necessarily mine, especially in midfield. I also played a game as a third centre-back. It did me good to have so much playing time after two difficult years."

What are your goals for next season with Paris Saint-Germain?
"I want to improve at every level, whether it be in terms of statistics, goals, and of course assists, because that's part of my job. I want to keep improving and win as many trophies as possible."