Juan Bernat: "Thank you to all these heroes"

Paris Saint-Germain full-back Juan Bernat confided in PSG TV in an interview and told us what he thinks about in confinement.

For more than a month now the Paris Saint-Germain players, like the rest of the population of France, have been in confinement. It's a special situation that has shaken up a few habits, as Juan Bernat explained to us. Like his teammates he's had to remodel his daily routine: "It's different, you have to get used to being at home all day. At the start of confinement I was in my flat in Paris and I didn't have any equipment to do exercise at home so I bought a running machine. After that I was able to come to Spain where I have a gym at home and that means I can work better. It's important to have a routine otherwise you don't know what to do with yourself with all this time on your hands. I'm trying to do sport and to stay in shape."

Before football was put on hold, the Spanish international had returned from injury, and was just starting to get back up to speed: "I hurt myself at the start of January and I spent a month and a half out. I got back into playing games with the team at the start of March. Before confinement started, I wasn't yet back to my best. There being no football affects me a bit. We don't know when we'll start up again. I'm training at home, I'm trying not to lose my match fitness and to stay in shape. It's sad what's happening at the moment and it's difficult for everybody. I hope we'll all be able to move forwards. We're going to do it I'm sure."

The difficult situation in Spain has particularly affected the Paris number 14, who wanted to send his thanks to people proving themselves heroes on a daily basis, those in the front line of this fight against the illness: "In Spain we've had difficult moments. But it seems to be calming down a little. I hope it will all stop as quickly as possible and we'll be able to get back to our lives. I would like to thank the hospitals, the nurses; all those who help out on a daily basis are heroes. It's thanks to them that we'll get through this difficult period. It's a time when we need to stay united and forward looking because we will succeed in getting through this difficult time."