Juan Bernat: 'Recharge the batteries'

As Les Rouge et Bleu take a well deserved break over the festive season, Spanish defender Juan Bernat talked to us about his childhood memories and how he celebrates Christmas.

What does Christmas represent for you?

"It's a really wonderful time of year. You can kick back a bit and recharge the batteries. You get to see your friends and family, and these are the greatest moments."

Which dish best represents the Christmas-New Year's period?

"At my place, we eat cochinillo - suckling pig. It's a typical Spanish Christmas dish."

Do you believe in Santa?

"I did when I was a kid. But it's a great time for everyone, especially the children. They're all waiting for the presents they've dreamed about."

Was there a stand-out present you received when you were little? 

"Yes! My first bicycle. It was magnificent. When you're a kid you have lots of dreams. On the day you get your presents, you absolutely leap out of bed. It's always something very special, a really joyful moment."