Javier Pastore: "Our supporters are passionate"

The former Parisian gave an interview to the club's media ahead of the UEFA Champions League semi-final second leg between Paris Saint-Germain and Borussia Dortmund, where he emphasised the role the fans will play.

Javier, how would you describe what the fans can bring to a match?

"For me, the fans are very important, because you can always count on them, on the atmosphere they create in the stands and on their support. And it's not just at the Parc, on the road, at every match... The atmosphere has become crazier and crazier over the years, and I know that the players feel it when they're out on the pitch."

You can feel the fans are very close to their team...

"They're passionate fans. And I'm Argentinian! I know all about passionate supporters! But it's true that here in Paris, the fans love the club, they're very supportive and they make the players feel that at every moment."

As someone who has been here, you must have some incredible memories...

‘Yes! I have some incredible memories, of seeing them waiting for us at the airport after a great away win, for example. I don't know if it's really as crazy with other clubs. When you're a Paris Saint-Germain player, you feel the passion of the fans every day!"

How do you feel about the game against Dortmund?

"It's a bit like the game against Barcelona. We have to win this second leg, except that this time it's in Paris. The players know they have to play a great game, we expected that of them in Barcelona, they did it, and we'll have to do the same thing again on Tuesday night against Dortmund."

What are you hoping to see at the Parc on Tuesday night?

"I love football, I love the spectacle. I hope to see a great game of football, with a result in our favour. All I'm hoping for is to be able to burst with joy."