It was a May 15: the first Coupe de France at a pumped-up Parc!

38 years ago to the day, Paris Saint-Germain lifted their first Coupe de France trophy against Saint-Étienne after a memorable match.

We have to rewind to 1982 to dive into an evening that made history. 
That night, the 65th edition of the oldest of the competitions pitted Paris Saint-Germain against AS Saint-Étienne. A first Coupe de France clash of the two clubs and, above all, a battle between indefatigable Sainté, Ligue 1 champions and six-time Coupe de France winners, and the young club from the capital playing in their first Coupe de France final.

On one side, Robert Herbin's men including Michel Platini (playing his final game for Les Verts) and on the other side, Georges Peyroche's team, with Pilorget, Bathenay, Dahleb and Rocheteau. All of this in front of a lively Parc des Princes crowd, watched by TV viewers, able to watch a Paris Saint-Germain match on television for the first time.

On the pitch, history was made. A half-volley by Toko (1-0, 58"), an equaliser scored by Platini (1-1, 76') before the Frenchman gave Saint-Etienne the lead in extra-time (1-2, 99'). It wasn't until the final - famous - 120th minute, that the former hero of Le Chaudron, Dominique Rocheteau, scored a volley to save his team at the last (2-2, 120').

An explosion of joy in the stands, a pitch invasion, and Francis Borelli got down on his knees to kiss the pitch...
"Rocheteau's goal was the most intense moment of my life. I had lost my belief that it would happen. It was over, but as a joke I said to the people next to me: 'We can't not equalise!' And then Rocheteau scored... What an explosion of joy it caused! Unbelievable. I kissed the pitch, the sacred earth of the Parc, to thank the heavens...", explained the emblematic Paris president to PSG Magazine in 1987.

Finally, half an hour after those ecstatic moments, calm returns in order for the penalty shootout to separate the two teams. A perfect and electric set of kicks as the teams go neck and neck, finding themselves at 5-5. 
Now to "sudden death"… And in the end the winning penalty is scored by Jean-Marc Pilorget, offering the Coupe de France to the Parisiand (2-2, 6-5)! A first major trophy for Paris Saint-Germain, in a Parc des Princes that jumped for more than 3 hours. 

From those suspenseful moments, to the kissing of the turf, to the trophy being handed over by François Mitterrand, to the celebrations on the Champs-Élysées, the Parisians engraved themselves into Rouge et Bleu history.

They also began the start of the love story - that's ongoing - between the capital club and the Coupe de France as Paris have lifted the trophy more than any other club in the division, winning it no fewer than 12 times.