Icardi: 'Win as many trophies as possible'

Mauro Icardi joined Paris Saint-Germain this summer and has made a superb start to life in Rouge et Bleu, netting 13 goals in all competitions. This week he spoke to PSG TV:

Mauro, how do you feel five months after joining Paris Saint-Germain?
"I feel great. I was lucky enough to make a good start with the club. I came here with lots of motivation to show what I can do on the pitch. For the moment, it's working well. As soon as I got the chance to play, I was always talking to my teammates, telling them what I could do, where I like the ball, the runs I make. That's why you need to have a good relationship with your teammates. All of that contributed to helping me settle in very quickly."

You score a goal with every 16 touches of the football in Ligue 1... a real finisher... is that something you work on?
"My style of play just comes naturally. I don't work on it that much. I always try to be in the best position possible and to be as accurate as possible. When I get the chance to score, I have to be focused and in 'killer' mode. Today, I have scored nearly 150 goals and they are nearly all the same. That's my style."

How do you build that style and character on the pitch?
"We are always learning and learning from everyone. Everyone has their own way of seeing football. I have always listened to every coach I had and all my teammates too. We always talk and I always listen to how they see the game and I learn from each of them. I have always been this way. In every team I've ever played in, I was always the goal scorer, the player than won matches, and it has followed me into my professional career."

What are your objectives for the second half of the season?
"I came here to help the team win as many trophies as possible. The aim for the club and the supporters is to see Paris Saint-Germain win. I will do everything I can on the pitch to make that happen."